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Non-profit organization to help candidates for EPSO competitions for European Institutions

The Training EPSO Competitions

Consult the trainings currently planned for the preselection tests, specific field, assessment Center


Become a member of European Union Civil Servants Union Syndicale Brussels

Benefit from several advantages

such as reduction Training courses

ACCEU, legal advice, etc


Prepare your specific field

If you wish to get prepared for the tests in your specific domain as an AD or AST in Law, public administration, a.s.o. all you have to do is send your request.


Receive files to prepare you

Send  your request to get preparation documents with training material and previous EPSO tests.


You want to be coaching

Send your request if you wish a coaching by a former candidate for the EPSO competitions or by a contributor of the association. Read more...

Become member of the association

Benefit from several advantages such as discounts on the price of the trainings, free of charge  preparation folders, enrolment priority


Request a training in your country

If you wish to get prepared for the preselection tests or for the oral test, in your country, all you have to do is send your request.   Read more...

Look at the photo gallery

Whether it is in Belgium, in France, in Bulgaria, Rumania, Hungary, the participants always agreed to pose for the photo.


Become a speaker for the association

Did you already pass the test or are you going to take it, in whatever case you will always benefit from sharing your skills and experience, helping each other. Read more...


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